Raja-Android Developer

I’ve been a professional Android developer for 7 years now, and the projects I’ve been involved in have ranged from simple applications to complex applications used by thousands of users every day. Most of the applications that I’ve worked on are still in use today, by companies, organizations and individuals. Whenever I’ve worked in a team with other engineers, I’ve always been one of the people that have worked the hardest, and who were responsible for making sure that the applications actually worked. That led me to help and collaborate with other people, so I got to learn various technologies.

My favorite is Android App development, I’ve researched a lot of sites that enable freelancers to find work recently I heard about Toptal. I really like freelance work, because of you will get opportunity to work on different projects so you learn a lot of new things (Latest api’s from sdk). I like Toptal for their screening process you have to pass their own phone and coding interviews before you make it to the site (Read in different sites). Any other job service I’ve seen simply lets everyone in the door who wants in so I imagine it’s pretty overwhelming for employers and very difficult to find the good ones. At Toptal they claim that only 3% of applicants make it through the process. I’m excited for the opportunities that Toptal could open up for me so I’m going to brush up my skills and get ready for that phone call for interview process at TopTal.com (to become a part of the  Mobile App Developers Group).

I worked different Android applications from last 7 years that contains social networking, chatting apps, Games, Photography apps and Industrial large scale applications. I started my applications development in Android and started publication of those app’s under PolamR apps : https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=PolamR+Apps and started working as freelancer too.